Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whats been going on...

Well Heroes Inc. is still alive and well.  Since my last post we have accomplished several things within the now appropriately titled raid group "Shooting Blanks."  Head over to Taxiderm/Chickenpox's blog to get the full story on that. It is quite a read. 

"Twilight Duo" was accomplished two weeks ago.  Killing Sarth with 2 drakes is a solid achievement for any 10 man raiding guild that lacks a full set of 25 man gear.  3 drakes is most likely our ultimate nemisis for "Glory of the Raider," as it pretty much requires the majority of the raid to have 25 man gear, appropriate raid composition, and superior skills. 

This last week our raid also accomplished "Subtraction," and "The Dedicated Few." Basically 7 manning the toughest encounters in the game, again I refer to Taxiderm/Chicken's Blog for a full recount as to why we 7 manned and even 6 manned some of the content! :) The "Undying" and "Shocking" still elude us from Naxxramas.

Last night our raid completed "A Poke in the Eye," downing Malygos with only 8 people.  I healed this fight and it was a very stressful first time healing on Malygos.  Without many instant cast heals, the vortex was leaving the majority of our DPS with less than 20% health by the time we dropped, leaving Bandaidez and I precious seconds to heal the tank and several raid members, knowing losing just one would lead to a wipe due to the enrage timer.  We still need 6 minute Malygos, which I believe is very doable with our group. 

On the PVP front, I have been enjoying my resto role in 2s and in bg's.  My arena partner, Magnusson/Jag is a very good Ret Pally, that knows the PvP game very well and is certainly entertaining to play with.  We have gotten better each week and our timing will only improve in the coming weeks.  I have hopes for a solid 3's and 5's team down the road

Horde alts have kind of been placed on hold for the moment, I am currently a level 62 laser chicken holding out for some of my guildmates to resume levelling. I do not want to venture too far into the outlands alone.   Until next time...

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Fred said...

Miss you guys. Come play horde. My mage is almost lvl68